Harry Koster - Vocals
Jan Mark van Schuppen - Guitar & Vocals
Koen Alberts - Guitar
Jakob Hanenburg - Bass & Vocals
Jan-Robert Mink - Drumz
AC/Daisies. Frisian hardrockgroup. Responsible for the most fuming and open rythmes the genre has ever brought forth. It's appeal is not in the least dominated by the outrageous act by Koen Alberts, who, during concerts, continiously runs back and forth, rolls along the stage and even plays among the audience sitting on the shoulders of Harry Koster. The music is fairly simple and preferebly played at a very high volume. The AC/Daisies are founded by members of Idiot Proof, AA & the Doctors and Room no.13. Through gigs in small clubs they assembled a great number of fans and it then didn't take long for their debut-cd `Bon Voyage` to come out, a homage to the singer/poet Bon Scott, who unfortunately died too young.